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If you’ve landed here by accident, then you won’t know that this blog has existed for over 6 years now. It was originally a travel blog dedicated to motorcycle riding in the US but has expanded with my traveling horizons. The previous version was taken down by cyber-vandals. Thankfully the information, including posts and comments, still exists, although it may be some time before I can get them to show.

I began the newest incarnation while I lived in Paris as a PhD student/researcher in fall of 2012. Since then I’ve returned to Texas, completed my PhD defense, and will soon move to Boulder, CO to start the next phase of my life.

Not every post is about travel, sometimes a big event makes me happy enough to share with the world. Most negative things are left out.  If there is something especially interesting that you want to hear more about, please leave a comment. Something incorrect? Well, this is my personal experience, so it is possible for me to perceive things different than they are. Then there’s the language barrier.

Cheers, and enjoy


2 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Hi
    I encountered your blog through a old link found while searching for info on riding in Mexico. I am in the contemplating stages and so don’t have any specific questions, but would love to read your Mexico riding blog posts if / when they became available.

    Safe journey

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