Snowy Colorado

I’m in Jerusalem right now. It’s a beautiful city and rich in history / culture. I want to post about that, but I promised myself that I’d get up some photos of Boulder in winter before any other blog posts, so here goes.

As you may imagine, Colorado gets a lot of snow. I’m not a big fan of cold or ice, but I do love being outside. This means I need snow shoes! Around Christmas I traded two homemade pies (pecan and apple) for some snow shoes. I think both parties were happy with the result.

As it turns out, sunny but cold days are really pleasant, especially if you’re moving around. It’s easy to get hot and sweat if you overdress. The sun is your best friend, and this is the primary difference between the sunny cold winters of Colorado and the cloudy cold winters of the north east. Plus we have better beer.

Without further ado, some pictures of snowshoeing in Boulder in winter. As you can see, it’s really pretty.

And a view from the pond next to my apartment.