I collected one of my last signatures for my PhD thesis.  I hope to get the next one in the coming week.  After that it there is just one signature left, that of my advisor, Jack Holt.  There is so much to do, I barely have time to write about it.  Mostly I’m worried about getting my house ready to rent.  That means cleaning and repairing some things.  Then there is a week of vacation, and I should avoid work that week….

These are just the big things.  So much to do.  Wish me luck.

Blog is running again!

I want to thank Hung Nguyen for getting my blog back!  Last year it was taken down by a cybervandal. I didn’t repair it but started a new one instead.  Well, Hung not only fixed the old blog, but he managed to merge the two together.  I just got back 6 years of old posts back. 🙂

Now I’ll have to brush up on my carpentry skills to repay him.