Packing, Packing, Packing

I’ve got so much junk!  Owning a house really lets you keep a bunch of stuff you’ll never need or use.  I have flyers for plays in high school.  That was more that 15 years ago!  ugh…

There is a lot of trash at the Smith household this week.  My house is also full of boxes.  Pretty soon I won’t have much left in my house except a couch and tv.  That will be gone in August…

What’s going on?

What is going on?  I don’t know.  I’m supposed to be working still, even though I’ve passed my defense.  I need to clean my garage and take care of the yard. It’s Mother’s Day. I should call my mom.  Is life doomed to become boring for me post-PhD?  I don’t think so.  This is just a lull, a welcomed lull 🙂

PhD Defense

Yep, tomorrow is the big day.  2PM on Thursday I start the last major hurdle to my doctorate.  I hope to be done before 6, but we should be done before that.  My committee gets to grill me on all things about the north pole of Mars.  I think they’re happy with my work.  Otherwise they wouldn’t let me do the defense tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

Big Day Coming

Today is Tuesday.  On Thursday I defend my PhD.  This day is not supposed to happen.  It is supposed to be a carrot you put in front of graduate student’s so that they’ll work.  We’re not actually supposed to graduate.

I’ve watched other students finish and move on.  But they were years ahead of me, and if I worked hard for several more years, then I could be like them.  What happened to the time?

I’m looking forward to my future.  There will be many posts about that soon.  Right now I want to bask in the stress and anxiety that is the culmination of almost 5 years work.  I also want to be done.  This is so close!

After my defense, I’ve still got to finish writing my dissertation and submit it this summer.  So, technically, I won’t be a PhD this week, but that’s fine by me.  It gives me some extra time to polish up the text and decompress after this semester.  Plus there is moving and everything that comes with that.  I’m also going on vacation with my girlfriend.  So much to do this summer, when does the relaxing begin?