Forms, Forms

I just started the gambit of getting paperwork filled out.  Today I had to collects 7 signatures, printed on a pink sheet of paper.  This form was to ask for permission to have a meeting where I could collect the same 7 signatures.  Of course that meeting is my defense, but there are many more forms to be filled out between now and the end.  At least there is an end.

Many things

I don’t post much.  Maybe I’m too busy.  Maybe I feel like there is nothing to say.

This semester is a big one for me.  I’m hoping to finish my PhD between now and August. This means defending my thesis in May and submitting my dissertation later in the summer.  On top of that the paper I submitted in January needs to be edited before it can be published, and I have to plan a move!  The move is exciting, but it adds stress to everything.  Still, this is an exciting time.


Until next time.