1955 Effie Repairs

I’m fixing up this old truck.  She’s a beauty with near perfect body and original, running motor.  I’m getting it tuned for the road, and hopefully before the new year I’ll be able to ride around town comfortably.

Here’s today’s progress

Adjusting the brakes was far easier than I expected.  Oddly, the front tire that has the least grab is the one that needed the least adjustment.  The other was actually much looser.  Now I suspect something else may be the problem.

I’m doing the ignition system tomorrow, new plugs, wires, points, and condenser.  I suspect the coil is good, and the distributor and rotor appear to be new.

I’m concerned that the loud bang/pop/explosion I heard under the hood last time I drove it wasn’t fuel related.  Since then, several weeks ago, I’ve only been able to start it once (after rebuilding the carb and trying for about 1 minute), and it ran for just a few seconds.  It hasn’t started since.  At least it did start after rebuilding the carb – so I can no it wasn’t a big foul up there.

With a new ignition system I suspect things will go better.  Also, my mechanic friend who was in the business more than 30 years is coming by with a timing light and dwell meter.  He’s really good about diagnosing problems.

I’m rehanging the doors right now.  That’s actually quite simple too.  The clasps are hung too high, so the doors won’t latch.  That’s fixed in just a few seconds of work.

Once it’s running I’ll have the oil changed and fix the left rear brake/indicator so it will be road worth.  Of course there is no heater, and I’m just in time for the cold.