Most Boring Blog EVAR!

That’s what I’m thinking.  How can I even say I have a blog?

Lots has been happening lately.  My paper about the northern ice cap on Mars has been accepted and will be in print soon.   That’s great news!  Last week I passed my Qualifying Exam for PhD candidacy. This is HUGE!    This makes me ABD, or all but dissertation.  I just need to write 2-3 more papers, and I’m out of here! Of course that means a lot of work, but I can seen the end.  More good news is that my adviser and I just found out that a NASA grant based on my research will be funded.  This means guaranteed funding and faster progress.  I’ll also be able to go to more conferences.

Research is exciting, as you can imagine.  Other things are going well too.  Teaching is fun albeit time consuming.  Spring is finally here (I have to mow soon).  I have a new girlfriend, and we’re getting along nicely.  Her name is Jill, but I’ll leave it at that.  We are going camping this weekend; that should be fun.  I joined an Ultimate Frisbee league.  This keeps me in better shape for sure, but now I’m worn out all the time.  The good news is that sleeping has been easier; I do it all day long!  I’m also considering taking improv comedy lessons.  I’ve got another few days to decide on that.

My tenants are moving out.  I’m pretty happy about that except their rent supplements my income greatly.   Will probably only go one month without.  Anyone want a place to live?   Mostly I’ll miss the extra messiness and dog tearing up my yard.  Oh wait, I won’t miss those things!

Sorry it’s been so long.  I still owe pictures on Switzerland (has it been 10 months already?), Rome, and San Francisco.  First I’ll post some from this weekend of camping.  Should have some nice ones from Enchanted Rock State Park.

Well, I’ve got to go.  I’m reviewing a paper for publication.  That’s something else scientists do, make sure work by others is up to par.  Have a great Spring!