San Francisco was good

I’m back home.  San Fran was a fun time although it took a lot out of me.  I’m not used to traveling like that: hotels, restaurants, …  It was great to see my family though, and the conference went well.  I presented my Mars findings and learned about what else is going on in the Mars world.  I do have pictures, and they will go up soon!

Food = Good

I’m in San Francisco, and everything is great.  On top of being in a very cool place, the food is great, and I’m done!  My semester is finally over.  Today was my poster presentation, and I am enthused.  The rest of the week is going to be relaxing and educational, but mostly relaxing.  Cheers.

Upcoming travel

I’m headed to San Francisco this weekend.  I’ll be there for a conference the whole week.  I was there years ago but didn’t get much time to go out.  I expect this time (with lots of friends) I will be able to see more of the town.

Look forward to a few pictures but not all, since your author is too lazy to post them all.