Rome pictures

They are coming.  Actually I’ve got some uploaded already. The trick is finding time to sort them and delete the bad/redundant ones – which is going slowly.  I took a lot of pictures.

For now I’ll link to what is available, but an actual post with captions and stories is coming soon for each.

Here you should have access to 3 folders, one of the flight, one of having lunch under the colloseum and another of a walk I took the first night.

I’m in Rome!

Actually, I head home tomorrow morning early.  It’s been a great week, and I’m really glad I came.  The sights were many, and the food and wine were primo.  This is an amazing place, and I can’t wait to get the photos together and tell some stories.

Rome Express coming soon.

Good stuff

Everything is good.  Staying busy as you can imagine.  I have lots to do.  Last weekend however I went to Dallas with my family to celebrate the 85th birthday of my Grandmother.  It was a nice party with lots of people: family and friends.  There were people there I hadn’t seen since my childhood.  All in all it was a great time, and I especially enjoyed spending time with my cousins and aunt and uncle from Pennsylvania.  I don’t get to see them enough.

Here is a picture of all of us from my grandmother on down.  It was right after breakfast, and we hadn’t dressed to go in public yet 😀


From Left to right:
Front row: Amy, Harrison, Aunt Gayle, Grandma (Jean) holding Alexis, Mom (Barbara), Stacy.

Back Row: Levi, Uncle Jack, Aaron, me, Nathan

In all there are 4 generations represented there.  It’s quite rare to get us all in the same place.  The last time was for Grandma’s 80th birthday and before that at Nathan and Stacy’s wedding (8 years ago?)

The baby is adorable and precious.  Everyone wanted to hold her.  Harrison is growing up quickly.  He’s getting to the age when we can discuss things and have a good time playing.  It used to be his trains, now he’s into computer games and Star Wars.

I hope it’s not so long that I get to see them again.

Busy time ahead

I’ve got so much to write about.  Now I only have time to mention a few things, maybe soon I can post more in depth.

I am now considered a homeowner.  Mom helped me buy a house; it’s an investment for her and me.  This is a big deal of course, and I really like the new place.  Of course I’m already going broke!  This stuff ain’t cheap.

School is back, so now I’ve got those duties on top of my research.  It is going to be an extremely busy semester.  My thesis proposal is due soon, and I’ve got an abstract due tomorrow for a conference in December I’m supposed to attend and maybe (probably) speak at.  This is all good but adding to my workload.  The thesis is primary concern right now and highest priority.  Of course going to Rome for a week at the end of this month is going to detract from productivity.  But I cannot turn down an opportunity to travel.

Oh, and last month my truck broke down.  The slave cylinder on the clutch went out, and that required removing the transmission to get at.  Well, that was a LOT of work.  Thanks to my good friend Forrest and his great wisdom and skill we were able to do it all in only 2 days.  That didn’t help my financial or time constraint problems.  At least it’s running now – but yesterday while test driving it after getting the transmission back in the alternator light came on.  Means more work and $ probably.  I’ve got a new skill though. 🙂

Life is busy, but it is all positive.  I’ve just got to stay ahead of all that is coming at me right now.

Talk to you later