Pictures from KY trip

So here’s a tid bit, more to come I promise.

Pictures from trip

The little boy is Alex, the son of my good buddy Trev.

The trip was about 3080 miles all told, and it took from Thursday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.  I rode through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas.  Before returning through LA and TX again.  It was a blast, and the bike handled quite well.  I only had one day of rain, and by afternoon it was hot and sunny just like you’d expect for the south in summer.

edit to add some things.  It’s been almost 2 months since that trip, and now I wish I had stayed a little longer.  My summer flew by, and this is the best memory I have from it.  Getting on a motorcycle and riding that far is always an adventure, and I look forward to next time.  There ain’t nothing like it.

Here are a couple of  pictures, check out the album if you want to see more.

That’s me* overlooking a horse farm in Central KY.  They must have had a few hundred acres of perfectly manicured grass.  In the background you can see a horse stable that’s probably worth several times my house.  And across the street (with many more down the road)  was another horse farm just as beautiful.  What a place!

(*Please ignore the helmet hair, it’s a part of riding a motorcycle)

And one of my good buddy Trev at the same spot.  I’ve gone to KY numerous times now always to see him and ride in those wonderful mountains.  If Texas wasn’t so great I’d move there.

Kentucky Trip

I’m writing this to motivate myself to do a write up about my Kentucky trip.  Maybe sometime this weekend when I’m feeling industrious.  Pretty soon all my writing will be dedicated to my thesis proposal.  That’s going to be a big deal!