Long Ride and pictures of my childhood home

I got back from Kentucky on Thursday night. It was quite an experience and a great time. I really enjoyed the mountain roads, distillery tour, and hanging out with my friends/family from the board. Thank Trev and especially Ope for setting up Braveheart!

In all the trip was 3082 miles in less than 8 days. I rode hard and partied hard. It was great to be back on the road again.

I have plenty of pictures to share, but these are from the last day when I rode through my hometown in East Texas. Chief can appreciate these. I grew up on a dirt road just north of a town with population 317 in a county of about 20,000 people. As you can tell it was a pine forest, and it carries the name “Davy Crockett National Forest”. I’m proud to be from there

some pictures from where I grew up.

The nicer part of my dirt road

This was part of our neighbor’s 500 acre ranch. He was also a large and small animal veterinarian and the kindest sole you could ever meet. We called him Doc, but his real name was Maxine. This pasture was where my mom took me to see Halley’s Comet in 1986 when I was about 5 years old. I remember it as clear as anything in my life.

We sat right there on top of our Nissan Station Wagon and used the car roof to steady our hands and the binoculars. That comet just hung there in the sky with a long tail. It didn’t move in the half hour we watched it, and that was my first real introduction to the wonders of the night sky.

While I sat there several visitors showed up.

This was right across the “street” from where I was born and spent the first 8 years of my life and then half time after my parents split up. My dad built that home with his own two hands.

I’ll have to post more pictures of the house another time.

I had a great trip, and it was great to be back on the road. 😀

Long and Winding Road

So, I’ve been writing a paper for several months now. My advisor and I have gone back and forth getting things in order, figures, text, and all that, and finally, today we agreed on a draft.  This is the point when we send it out to potential co-authors and invite them to join the paper.  You may ask why we do that, but several people have made this work possible, and without them neither Jack nor myself could have done what we did.

I’m looking forward to their comments and suggestions, and soon after we will submit the paper to be published.  I’m in such a good mood, and mighty proud to be at this point.

I’ll keep you updated as to how things work out.