I’m pretty bad at this blog thing.  It’s been a couple weeks already since I’ve posted!  Life is busy but good.  I’m trying to finish up the semester but doing a poor job of getting it all done.  It will all work out somehow.

Time to concentrate.

Reading and Writing

who know those two things would be so important.  Lately I’ve been reading to learn more about my research and writing to express what I’ve found.  On Wednesday I gave Jack the first draft of the paper we plan to submit.  He is working on his own paper using the radar data I mentioned before.  This is my first attempt at publishing, and I’m very excited.  Of course the paper is no where near ready to go, but just the fact that all the thoughts are on paper means we can continue the editing process.  This is a good thing. If all goes well, in a couple of months you can read about my research on Mars.