I’m home

Johannes and I got back from Dallas on Monday.  Last night we went out to my dad’s and then the lake.  I think he had a great time here in Texas.  Today I dropped him off at the airport, and could see he was sad to leave so soon.  I didn’t, but he took a lot of pictures, and I’ll try to get a couple online before long.  Still there seem to be problems with my photo gallery.

To Grandma’s House we go.

My friend Johannes is here for the week, and his dream of seeing the Big “D” is about to realize.  Grandma has invited us to spend tonight and tomorrow night with her.  It will be a good reunion; I haven’t seen her in nearly two months.  Also my Great Uncle Joe and Helen are there, plus their daughter Judy.  It’s also been a long time.

Things are good here; work takes time, but we always manage to play when it counts.  I’ve almost got all the problems worked out on the bike – but that’s taking more time than I imagined.  At least I know what’s wrong.

Well, off we go.


I can access my site again.  Turns out my server had blocked me due to too much access.  That’s weird right???  They didn’t like that I tried to upload files from work and home.  Well, it’s my site!

Anyway, I hope to be posting regularly again. So there will be more to read.