Mom is preparing to go home.

We have had a great week.  Paris first; then Stuttgart; we finished off with Konstanz and Munich.  We rented cars to see those places and that was fun.  She was able to drive on the Autobahn and even in Austria!  I did get to drive some too.  It would have been better except for the passenger seat driver.  She gave me advice on driving. HA.  As if.  “Slow down”  The one person in the world who cannot give that advice.

We did have fun, and I hope that she saw some of the better parts of Germany.  It really is a nice place.  Also she got to see real snow (something I hope I don’t ever have to see again, well only when I plan to see it and go skiing 😉 ).  All in all it was good;  and I promise to post pictures soon.  It has been a LONG time.

Wow, the snow.

Mom and I have been enjoying ourselves. First we went to Paris, and this week I’ve showed her around Stuttgart. Today we were supposed to drive south towards the alps and see the famous Lake Constance. It has been snowing here since Tuesday, but every time it has the sun came out and melted it all.

Well, this morning, 3 days after Spring started we woke up to about 4 inches of snow! This stuff is perfect for making snowmen – but not for driving 200 miles to the mountains. It is melting slowly but falling faster. Oh well, we’ll try to see those castles we had planned to see.

Just for fun

More pictures and stories soon.

We’re back from Paris.

What a fun time.  We met my cousin, his wife, and their neighbors in Paris and had a great time.  They left yesterday, and we today.  Except for closing the top deck of the Eiffel Tower right as we arrived to buy tickets the entire trip was a success.  We even didn’t have to wait in a line for 1 minute at the Louvre.  That was incredible, I’ve heard of people waiting for up to 4 hours just to enter.  Just ask about the thins we saw!!!

Mom just left to come see me

She’s on a long trip to come see me. She’ll be ther first family I’ve seen since August and was the last I saw then. I’m really looking forward to it

Her trip is a long one though: First fly to Chicago from Austin, then London, then Stuttgart where I meet her in about 23 hours. That’s a lot of travelling, hopefully she can sleep good on the plane cause we’ll have stuff to do when she gets here.

Travel safe Mom

He regresado!

I made it back.  Spain was wonderful, and I loved every minute of it.  One day soon I’ll have to go back.  I’m tired now though, it was quite a long day of travelling.  Hopefully soon I’ll have all the photos put up – and those missing from other trips.  Then I can get on with telling about them.

Last days in Spain, Madrid

Wow, it´s almost over. I´ve been in Spain over two weeks now and today is my last full day. Tomorrow night I fly back to Germany. Yesterday I got to see a childhood and highschool friend who has been living in Spain for the last 7 years. She showed us around a little, but it was more fun talking about growing up. She teaches English to kids here in Madrid. We´ll try to meet up again today after she´s done teaching.

Barcelona was a very cool city with lots to do. First thing you always do though when travelling with architects is look at the famous buildings and structures. Normally I´m not interested, but Barcelona is different as there are lots of famous works by Antonio Gaudi. His buildings were cool, but I liked the park he designed there best. I had seen something about it on discovery channel once and always wanted to go there. Of course his Cathedral was cool too. I enjoyed it much more from the outside though.

Today and tomorrow are more Madrid and maybe some outskirts. There are lots of things to see and do. Well, gotta get on with the day


Today we spend in Valencia.  It is a wonderful place and much more modern than any of the previous cities.  I really enjoyed walking around here.  Next week is a huge festival of fire here and the celebrations started last week in preperation.  We saw an amazing fireworks show, but the earplugs I had in my pocket really helped


Tomorrow we catch a bus to Barcelona.  Should be fun!

Spain is fantastic

I´m having a blast here.   The people are wonderful, the sun is warm, and I understand what they´re saying – the first time in Europe!

Sorry I´ve been gone, forgot my password to the blog DOH.   Something I wanted to post yesterday.
Man, it’s so cool here… or I should say warm.  I’ve got sunburns    Spain is great.

Today we went to the Alhambra, maybe the most famous Muslim palace in the world.  It’s fantastic.  Southern Spain is incredible.  Everywhere you go you see Olive orchards and mountains.  It’s dry here, but I could get used to it.  Tomorrow it’s Valencia and then Barcelona.  We’re of course excited.  One of our travel partners headed out last night, he’s got to be in Italy in a couple days and takes the trains.

We’ll be busy for a while, but as soon as I get back photos will come.  I’ve got hundreds already and am only halfway through this trip – with the best parts to come.   (I should say except for the sun, it’s fantastic here, up north it will be cooler)