I’m in Wisconsin, Great lakes tour almost over

Yep, I left BarbieKaye and Tom’s house this morning in a rain storm . It rained on me for the first 90 miles or so before I ran out of it. But it was worth is because I now get to add another state to my repitouire. (how the heck do you spell that word)

I had such a great time with them , even though I ate too much. We rode all over, and by my request they took me on a ride up to see lake Superior. This allowed me to see the 5th and final great lake. I am no expert, but those are some darn big lakes. I’ve spent the most time on Lake Michigan, where they and Bikergramps live. It was a very pretty lake, great actually, but it has little over Ontraio, Erie, Huron, or Superior.

Thanks to wonderful IA members my last week has been so much fun. Bikergramps took me all over north-western lower penninsula. And we saw some great sights like Sleeping Bear sand dunes and an overlook that cannot be beat.

We even got to go on a charter boat His son Craig welcomed us onto his boat, but the water was too choppy, so we couldn’t go out. I didn’t feel like becoming sea sick anyway.

BarbieKaye, Tom, and I got to tour a boat of another kind. We got a personal tour of the U.S.S. something or other in Marquette during a local festival. We saw plenty of waterfalls and a lighthouse. We even saw pictured rocks cliffs on Lake superior.

I have had such a good time up here. And I did so in Erie Pennsylvania too with Tbeck. We rode all over the place and saw some pretty neat areas of NW PA. I hope to get back there soon.

Well, this is all for this edition of the CC XC roadshow. I’ll post pictures soon enough.

Thanks again to BarbieKaye, Tom, Bikergramps, Bikergrams, Tbeck, and his wife Linda. I really enjoyed seeing you again, and I cannot wait till next time.

Great hosts!!!!

I have to say that this last week has been extraordinary. I have stayed with a slew of great hosts along my journey, and they have welcomed me into their homes very graciously.

I’m currently at Tbeck’s and having a great time. We rode 9 hours today and are enjoying each other’s company.

Yesterday I arrived in Erie after a long dark ride, early in the morning, from the great white north. And I do mean great. Emu and I rode all over northern creation on Sunday. We rode 150 miles to find a curvy road, did that and another, and then headed back another 150 miles by another route. It was a blast. He and I even raced a little in traffic. He showed me the best parts of Toronto and some that weren’t so great
Emu is really great, for someone who showers with the Penguins I hope he likes my one liner. I was sad to leave his place, but it had to happen.

A couple nights ago I stayed with the notorious Skoop. When I got there he welcomed me like a best friend of many years. And I felt so comfortable there, except for the extreme cold (60deg F) that I will definitly go back to spend more time with him and Lori. One of the highlights of the stay was a personal 1 on 1 bicycle tour of the Canadian National Capital. You couldn’t buy a tour that great for 100.000.000,00 CDN or even $.25 USD. It was that good. I hope to see Skoop again at Paducah, and he is welcome at my place anytime.

The ride up there was fun, except for the French Canadians and Customs Vermont was the most beautiful place on Earth (still is, but I’m not there anyomore) I have got to go back.

I left for Canada from Jimbo’s house in Southern, MA. he met me on my way back from Maine into MA and rode with me to his place a hundred miles south of there. He has a wonderul home in rural, MA (known as Uxbridge) near Providence, RI. His yard was so spactular I couldn’t believe it . He showed me a different side of the North East than I had imagined. It was truely a pleasure to meet him and his family. I hope to spend more time with them in the future.

earlier that day I met Bryannma at his house. He cooked a fabulous lunch of shrimp and many vegetables over pasta he even had my favorite beer. I only had one, and waited to ride over an hour after that one. I only wish we had had more time to talk. Best of luck Bryan.

I went to Bryan’s right after splitting up with TeacherJoe and Holly. Somehow they put up with me for 4 days and 3 nights. They really were patient . Actually we 3 had a great time together riding over the gorgeous countryside of CT. they showed me the coast and much of the inland of Connecticut. (actually since it is a small state it only took about 45 minutes ) I also rode with LennyG while I was there, and even though I accidently got us turned around we still made it home on some great roads. They were really awsome hosts I cannot say how much I appreciate all they did for me. That would take more than a post.

I saw them after I stayed with my family in PA. On the way to their place I met up with Ninjato who took me through Philidelphia and fed me a great lunch. Thanks Lan

And last to thank on this post is Warlock. We did have a great time, as many of you know, and I look forward to the next time I get to ride with him.

Thanks everyone. You all have been so great to me, I only hope that I get the opportunity to do the same for you.

$25000 to me

if I was paid $1 per mile I rolled over the coveted 25k mark yesterday late, and today Tbeck and I blew it away. Tbeck showed me some of the beautiful sights around NW Pennsylvania. We went to the Kinzua dam near Allegheny National Forrest. The scenery was awsome and I was completely taken in by the great ride. He has a couple pictures to post, so I’ll let him do that later. Meanwhile, I recommend that anyone near Erie, PA find time to ride with Tbeck. You’ll have a blast.

perfect day: friends, 5 states, and lots of miles

Today was an amazing day.  I woke early to pack my bike and have breakfast with Holly and TeacherJoe.  We rode out about 9:30AM to see the Connecticut coast and some really cool houses.

Then we took a few of the scenic southern roads across the southern part of the state.  Sadly we parted, but all was well because when old friends go you meet more.  I met Bryannma at his house in Providence.  He made me lunch, and it was very yummy, and introduced me to his kids.

Again Sadly I had to go, but even then the day got better.  I saw some crazy things today too.  I was riding when I felt something stinging my right arm.  I felt, and there was nothing in my leather jacket sleeve, but my arm kept stinging.  In fact it still does now.  It happened again and again, but I was on the interstate and didn’t have room to pull off safely.  SO I set my homemade throttle lock and slipped my right arm out of the jacket.  Ouch, I had been stung 3 times by a bee?. not sure what did it, but the whelps are still here to prove it.

I was riding with one sleeve on and the other off trying to get whatever did this to me out of my jacket.  I had the throttle lock on and my eyes out in front, when a black jeep cherokee starts spinning about 3 cars in front of me.  It hit the gaurd rail and stopped across 2 lanes.  Luckily for me I was far enough back to stop, but not so far that I had to deal with the traffic.  This was right before state #3.

I crossed into Mass. and took the inner loop around Boston (the route through town was backed all the way up past the exit on my road)  Traffic was bad, but I had fun manuevering through.  I passed by and into state #4 New Hampshire.  Now, as TeacherJoe says, NH only has 1.5 inches of coast line, but all of those 1.5 inches were rainy.  Oh well, can’t stop me now.

I was on my way to Maine and no one/thing could stop me.  I had to pull over to put on my rain gear, but that didn’t take long and I passed the toll booths $2.00 less than before, but much richer because I was now in Maine. THis was my 5th state, and my first time to visit that one.  I am still proud of myself that I rode an extra 300 miles today just to see the visitor center there.  

well, I called Jimbo, and we picked a meeting place.  I rode to meet him, and I’m at his house now celebrating my acheivements of the day over a beer.  Today was a perfect day, and the company made every bit better.

XC trip itenerary change? need input

I’m just west of Philly right now, and I had a route planned out, but I’m thinking of changing a few things. I’d like some input from people up in the NE and some of Canada for good rides. I plan to go to Hamden, CT to see TeacherJoe and Holly for a few days and I wanted to ride through Eastern Pennsylvania to see the beautiful sights…across to Jersey (I have to hit every state)… up to Albany… then over to CT. This may be ambitious for one day, but shrug… I can do it. I’d to that on the 16th. On the 17th Joe can show me his favorite roads or we can do whatever; he mentioned painting his house. Then on the 18th I want to ride over to Rhode Island, up to Boston, Concord, Augusta, then back to his house via a different route. On teh 19th I’ll leave for Skoop’s in Ottawa via Vermont and Montreal. We’ll ride a day or two, then I’ll head down to Toronto to see some other IAers hopefully. Maybe I can ride with EdMUrphy :confused; I’d like to stay there a couple days. THIS IS WHERE I NEED THE HELP. I wanted to see Niagra Falls. I then want to maybe go to Erie, PA to meet TBeck. I don’t know if I should do this or head strait to Cadillac, MI to see BikerGramps. What should I do. It’s only 473 miles from Erie to Cadillac, easily done in one day. I’m not sure. If there are any people that want to ride with me along the way and know good roads to take, I’d really enjoy that. It’s getting to be so much fun. I am halfway done today, and I’m starting to see the end of this long strange trip, but I have to put together the next couple weeks before I can finish. Thanks to all that offer advice.

Southern Hospitality

I have to say that this trip has been so much fun, and what really makes it fun for me is that I get to spend so much time with really great people.

I left the south a couple days back (4 days if you count VA as northern state (seemed like that to me anyway)) And all of the people south of me now were all very generous and open to me. I have to thank everyone that has helped me along the way.

I’d really like to thank Duke and Duchess for the great time I had there. They have a beautiful home and great family. Sue cooks the most wonderful 7 course meals. I’m still stuffed from all that we ate. And Mike makes a great host. I got there and he offered me a beer, it was my favorite, Negra Modelo; he had paid attention to what I said before and remembered. Their kids are great and mostly well behaved for 16 and 17 years old. Of course I was there their first day of school. THANKS AGAIN DUKE AND DUCHESS. I has such a great time with you, and I look forward to next time. Please come by St. Louis and I’ll treat you as well as I can.

I’ll thank more people later. For now I have to ride to Philadelphia

Another Perfect Day

I decided my perfect day is:

wake up before 8AM
Eat breakfast
Ride until lunch
Eat lunch
ride until dinner
eat dinner
either ride or maintain MC

perfect day.

Today was one of those days. Webb, SF and I worked on the bikes until lunch time.  We fixed all of our brakes on the 2 intruders and the virago.  now we don’t know what to do with all of the stopping power

then we rode to the beach.  then we had a great time on the beach with their kids and soaked up some rays.  then we rode home in time for bbqed pork chops and salad.

talk about perfect day.

I have been having a lot of those lately.

Burning Houses and Enchiladas

Man did I have a great time with Steve and Linda Dod (Popcycl and Sunshine). We rode hundreds of miles all over South and North Carolina in the Charlotte area.

One of the most interesting sights came just north of their house in Mount Holly. We were riding with Popcycl and his son Caleb leading, Sunshine and Lucas wing, CC 3rd and Merlin tail gunner. From a distance we saw a huge billowing black cloud of smoke and then Steve turned strait for it. Immediately we saw fire trucks and people sitting on the road. There were photographers and people in lawn chairs. As we approached it became obvious that this was no normal fire. It was a house fire. the house was nearly burned to the ground, but the fire was still very hot. The firemen had given up on stopping the fire and were in the mode of preventing it from spreading. We didn’t stay, but I got a good luck and will never forget the burning house.

Later all of us went to lunch at a small country diner in Cherryville, NC (pronounced Chervl) It was very good

Later we dropped Linda and the children at the house and Merlin, Popcycl, and I rode to SC to obtain a couple maps for my collection and take some back roads. We had a great ride, but the best was yet to come.

We got back and said bye to Kerry. When Steve and I entered the house we were amazed at the full aroma of cooking enchiladas. Linda was in the kitchen fighting off two children and cooking an amazing dinner for us all. I ate so much that I got sleepy, but we still had more to do to fill the day.

I really enjoyed my time with such great people. I look forward to the next time I can meet them and share in the great company

I’m in Charlotte, anyone want to ride

Merlin, PopCycle, Sunshine, their kids, and I plan to ride today. Anyone in the area that would like to join us is welcome.

And speaking of Sunshine, she is treating me very well, and I am having a great time here. She only mentioned beating me up once since I’ve been here, but I think it was in jest

I should be in Rocky Mount Tomorrow and then Portsmouth, then Baltimore on the 11th. But this is subject to change, as it has already changed so don’t hold my feet to any fire.