Crosscountry doing well

I’m in San Marcos tonight, but I’ll stay in Austin.  The wedding is tomorrow, and the couple looks perfectly happy.  I’m a groomsman and we had the dinner tonight.  It was nice.

I’m over 2000 miles so far just on this trip, I had 1700 on the Rally trip, so in the last 3 weeks I’m up to 3700 not counting car miles.

Thanks to zero2fear and her husband Bryan for permitting me to change my oil in their shop.     They are very nice people, and I can’t wait to ride with them again.

Thanks to Boxer for the great shade tree and the nice gifts.  They are very useful.

And on Sunday, I plan to ride with N2Rock, Blackbeard, Opusx, and maybe Suzuki Johnny.  That should be a good time.

Ride safe, I’ll see you again soon.  And I’ll have some pictures to post hopefully.  I just used up my 1st roll.  10 more to go.

crosscountry trip update

Hey everyone, my other thread fell off and I don’t like to reply to myself

I’m in Dallas, TX till Sunday then Austin.  I should meet Boxer, Spin, N2Rock, OpusX zero2fear, and maybe WarEagle (that should be fun) while in my home state.

I’ve put almost 1400 miles since I left, and I should get a few more today.  This will be a slow week, only 500 or so for me

I’m tired, but recuperating and I’ll keep you updated as I go along.

I hit a tire

I was cruising at 65mph up the Central Expressway of Dallas Texas. Everyone was going the same speed, even the police officer in the lane to my right. All of the sudden several cars in my lane ahead of me brake real hard. now, I, knowing that I could stop in time, realized that anyone behind me may not be able to do the same, swerved into the lane, just barely in front of the cop.

I was lucky he was friendly, but as soon as I passed the cars that had braked, I saw what had made them brake. It was a radial tire, no wheel no sidewalls just the tread and belts. It was traveling at 60mph diagonally across the lanes, and it was headed right for me!!!

There was no where for me to go , and luckily I didn’t hit it with my front tire. If I had slowed down I would have ran right over it, If I had sped up, my back tire would have hit it throwing me off the bike (hopefully not, but it could have happened). So as luck would have it my big foot hit the tire head on. I sort of kicked it. Then it aligned with my motion and was no longer a threat to other lanes. My foot wasn’t hurt and I rode away safe.

I’d like to say that my quick reaction time saved me from eating pavement, but I know that is not true. I just held what I had and braced for the worst, hoped for the best, and somehow safely made it through.

Let this be a warning to all of us, don’t swerve around slowing cars, they can see things you cannot. I’ve had a fear of hitting a tire, or any large mobile object, since I started and today I met my fate. Luck was on my side again, and now you all know why I don’t play the lottery. You only get so much luck, why waste it on money we need our health much more.

Well that was my adventure for today. Tomorrow should be a little less hectic.