Pretty Awesome Day

Today was great. I woke up late but still had time to enjoy many of the things that LA has to offer. After successfully running the glacier model (the main point of this trip). I headed out to LACMA, or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It was recommended to me by Akili, a buddy from France, and his recommendation couldn’t have been better. The art was excellent, and it took me to a really cool part of LA. I met up with some people that I met at a bbq last night. Keith, a fellow motorcycle rider I met while on a road trip through Glacier National Park, invited me to eat brisket with him and other guests. This was superb and really gave me the fix I needed from being away from home. Well, his friends Chris and Taylor are art connoisseurs, and they were excited to have someone join them. They left me in the afternoon, and I found myself in Little Ethiopia, so I said why not get some Ethiopian food? I had never had it before, and now seemed like the best time.

The Ethiopian food was excellent, and while eating I had to decide on what to do next, so Yelp came in handy because it told me about a big flea market that’s only open on Sundays. It also reminded me about improv theater, from Upright Citizen’s Brigade and the Griffith Observatory. My afternoon and evening were planned! The flea market was fun, and I picked up some things for Katie. Hopefully she likes them. After that I headed to the theater and got in line. Sunday’s 7PM show is free, and people were already lining up when I got there at 5.

I met a nice couple and their friend, and we chatted the time away. Seeing live comedy was something I had been excited about before coming here, and it didn’t disappoint. Finally, it was dark, and I could head to the observatory. Griffith observatory is no longer active in research, but it is a fantastic place and highly respected for its public events. Tonight was a special night too, with Mars being the closest it’s been since 2003 and a nearly full moon, so lots of people were there. I was extremely lucky because I was the last person in line to see Mars. An employee got behind me and sent a lot of people a way. But I did get to see it¬† and the northern ice cap! Finally I’m ‘home’ and still excited enough to share some pictures with the internet.

A fun view with the observatory, the moon, and Mars above them both.

Again with the moon, Mars and Los Angeles. Also, you can see Saturn between Mars and the moon. It’s not as bright, but it’s equally as cool.

Finally, I want to make a special note to how awesome it is having a motorcycle in LA. It’s basically a super power. Five times today I pulled up to something cool (LACMA, Ethiopian restaurant, flea market, UCB, and the Griffith Observatory) and five times today I parked exactly in front of the venue. It’s almost impossible to be closer than I was. We call this ‘Rockstar Parking’ and motorcycles are the best. So here’s to Blue ūüôā

Emu’s Place

Yea, so Emu and I had been riding all day. We got up early on Sunday morning to do a couple things like have my chaps repaired and see some sights. He took me to the CN tower in downtown Toronto, and then we were off. Southern Ontario is an interesting place. It is mainly farmland and quite flat. Emu had planned for us to ride up about 100km north to a curvy road, but it wasn’t easy to get there. Lots of turns.

Another thing was that it was very cold. I had been in southern Florida only 2 weeks before riding in a tshirt and quite comfortable. This day, in early August, I had everything on that I owned and even a vest that Emu lent me. That taught me a good lesson. You can wear anything you want, but you’ll never be warm without air around your body. The vest was just enough that I could make it through the day. Only 2 days before I had nearly not made it to Skoop’s house due to it being about 40F and after sundown. That’s not a good combination.

So, the weather was good and very brisk when we headed out. After stopping in a small town with only 1 stop sign we made it to the road what was affectionately nicknamed ‚ÄúOntario’s Dragon‚ÄĚ. I hadn’t ridden it yet, but was excited with anticipation.

It seemed that every bike in that part of the Province was there. This road must be famous. We had ridden 100km already, to the middle of nowhere it seemed. All the roads up to that point had been strait and flat.

Well, we suited up and headed off, but not without me forgetting a pair of sunglasses on the saddlebags. That wasn’t the first nor by far the last pair I lost while travelling. I prefer to say I donated them to that state/province.

As promissed the road was windy, no not windy like heavy wind, it wound around for about 30km. It was no dragon however. There were even cars on it, and I can recall having to pass a couple. No road is fun at the posted limit.

We rode many more miles that day in search of waterfalls and the likes. Later while returning to Toronto, we encountered a lot of traffic. I recall challenging him to a race back home. This is the picture I took when he arrived.

And this link takes you to all the photos I took while there

If you are wondering what the first photo is, well, After the long day riding and his daughter cooking us a nice meal we went over to Emu’s parents place. They had a good view of downtown, you can see the photos, and directly below their window about 15 stories were raccoons chasing something. So, now you know the rest of the story.

Bonjour à tous.

Il est moi, celui et seul crosscountry. Je me suis r√©cemment d√©plac√© en France. Ce semble gentil ici. Il y a beaucoup quelques haters chr√©tiens √©vang√©liques ici. Et puisque la deuxi√®me plus grande religion est la tol√©rance de l’Islam n’est pas simplement un mot.

Ce n’√©tait aucun voyage facile √† obtenir ici. Il semble plus de mille c√©l√©brit√©s ont d√©cid√© de se d√©placer avec moi et les fronti√®res sont flooding avec des ex-patriotes. J’√©tais chanceux ; ils ont envoy√© √† maison beaucoup. Ma chance a √©t√© exp√©di√©e par l’aide de mon sembler a comme et arr√™t double Johnny Depp. Elle semble qu’il avait v√©cu ici pendant beaucoup d’ann√©es et appr√©cie l’endroit beaucoup.

J’attends avec int√©r√™t de voir beaucoup de l’Europe tandis que je suis ici. Je sch√©ma que quatre ans devraient √™tre abondance de temps ainsi voyez les points culminants.

Il s’attriste me que vous peuplez l√†-bas √† travers l’√©tang avez vot√© pour George W Bush. Il est un bouffon ignorant d’un homme. Mais depuis plus de cinquante pour cent du peuple aimez-le tellement, je devinent qu’ils sont des bouffons aussi. Je ne m’associerais pas plut√īt √† eux de toute fa√ßon.

Les Fran√ßais me traitent bien. Aussi longtemps que je feins pour savoir seulement espagnol ne me traitez pas comme un Am√©ricain d√©go√Ľtant. Je sugg√®re que vous des d√©fenseurs de Bush ne veniez ici jamais. Le Fran√ßais essuiera leurs puits et anuses de bras avec votre peau. Ils vous feront √©galement cuire au four dans un de leurs patries d√©licieux.

Je suis d√©sol√© que cela ait pris tellement longtemps au poteau ; comme vous savez le vol √† travers l’Oc√©an atlantique n’est aucun court, et puisque tant de personnes volaient avec moi j’ai d√Ľ me cacher dans le bagage de Ted Danson.

Je vous souhaite toute la chance. Priez juste Bush n’obtient pas la notion pour souffler tout vers le haut comprenant se. Mais de l’autre c√īt√© qui serait une am√©lioration au-dessus de la situation actuelle.

Vivent bien mon famille d’IA. va te faire foutre GWB.



back from Florida, over 600 miles today

I made it back!!!¬†¬†My bike and I are safely home in O’Fallon, IL.¬†¬†I rode all day today from Mocc and Dixie Pixie’s place.¬†¬†Originally I thought about seeing Little Ray in Lexington, but I’ll save that for later this week.¬†¬†Trusty bike kept going even after I exhausted myself.

We rode those 600 miles from Weeeeetumpka today strait through.  The only hinderance was the blinding rain near Nashville.  But by the time I got to Paducah the sky was clear and blue.

It’s amazing, I was in Daytona just yesterday morning.¬†¬†All told I rode over 1100 miles in 2 days.¬†¬†that was pretty rough.¬†¬†Tomorrow I look to rest and sleep in.

I want to say a big thank you to Moccasin Mike and Dixie Pixie and Trev.  They showed me a great time!

If I weren’t so tired right now, I’d post more about the overtime trip, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

goodnight all


Operating a radio station running/ruining?

Trev’s got me here running his radio station while he makes commercials.¬†¬†I get to hear the best music I want to hear and it’s awsome.

Everyone should get a chance to run a radio broadcast at least once.

Right now Steve Miller is singing “the Joker” next is

CCR “Down on the Corner”


JCMellencamp “Jack and Diane”


Georger Thorogood “1 burbon 1 scotch 1 beer”


Who “sqeeze box”

then anther who “behind blue eyes”

then “grand funk railroad “some kind of wonderful”



p.s. what should I play next???

Crosscountry trip goes into overtime!

Yep, that the truth. Since the outcome last time was tied 1 for me and 1 for the bad guys I’m gone again. Much to the happiness of the entire board . It’s been 4 weeks (on Wednesday) since my accident and I’m ready to ride again . Since my bike is at Eddie D’s in Virginia I’ll go there first.

So tomorrow I’ll meet Mr.Goodbar in Louisville, KY. Together we’ll ride in a car to Lexington. We’ll see Little Ray and Tammy there and send them the wishes and prayers from the board . I was only last week that I rode with them, and I’m so sorry for what happened.

Trev and Jenn will meet us there also. I’ll ride with them and stay with them that night. The next day I’ll make my way to Eddie d’s where I’ll see my missed, beloved bike.

I’m going to Blacksburg, VA to meet a friend and stay with him on the 14th. And then back to Trev’s for some new tires. We’ll hit the road to meet Scatter and Ironbutt and Travis at the Bon Fire. And the next day (if we can) we’ll head down to Daytona for the pre-Biketoberfest celebrations.

From there I’ll find my way back probably through Atlanta and northern Alabama. Sounds like a lot of fun for me. I miss my bike, and I miss the road so this last fling for the year will be great.

Sharon, who has already put up with me being gone 10 weeks, isn’t happy, but I’ll make it up to her when I get home. We’ll work together to get her license so she can ride.


Have Motorcycle will ride

there are many reasons why I shouldn’t have ridden today: I have not insured the little gz250 yet, the registration is not valid yet.¬†¬†My doctor told me I should wait a little longer until before I ride.¬†¬†Sharon wants to ride the bike before me. and probably many other reasons¬†¬†I could have been looking for a job…

BUT, like an addiction I couldn’t help myself.¬†¬†It was sitting in the garage and I hadn’t really ridden for 3 weeks now.¬†¬†And before you say that’s not long think about this: I rode nearly every day this summer.¬†¬†I have amassed over 20,000 miles this year, and I really miss it.¬†¬†I REALLY miss it.¬†¬†So today I cheated.¬†¬†I left the kitchen a mess, clothes unwashed and I didn’t do a favor for my neighbor I promised and I didn’t ship Hack’s new windshield like I told him I would.

I couldn’t help myself.¬†¬†I’m sorry, but it was toooooo good to pass up.


really.¬†¬†I finally got one, third time’s a charm.¬†¬†This one didn’t even break down on the test ride

Sharon and I have been looking for a bike for her to learn on since June, and finally she’s got it.

While in Paducah I picked up a “Thrifty Nickel” free classified paper.¬†¬†In it was a 1999 GZ250 Suzuki for only $1100.¬†¬†I was amazed.¬†¬†Being that the banks were not open yesterday we came home.¬†¬†I called the guy and last night he sent me some pictures.¬†¬†The bike looked great and it only had 4200 miles on it.

So now I’ve got one for her to play with.¬†¬†Her new toy.¬†¬†everyone congratulate Slinkybob, she’s an owner now!!!